New music video for the song "Flash of Light" off the album Supernova. Directed by Paul Lynch at L8RB4 Studios, 2022



Paul Lynch, also known as DJ Tan't, is an American musician, dj, composer, and songwriter based in Portland, Oregon. Paul Lynch performed in rock bands such as Carpathia and Only Connect in 1997 and expanded his style to electronic music in 2003 with his first piano based sample album T.T.T where he teamed up with pianist Tyler Evans. He progressed from sample based music to writing original electronic music with analog and soft synths and hip-hop style beats. He also produces loop based drone rock under the alias ((( In Mono ))) and played in a 2 piece doom rock band called Marred Models.




Shared the stage with DJ Krush, Amon Tobin, Sixtoo, Dosh, Sole & the Skyrider Band, James Pants, Four Tet, Busdriver, Boom Bip, Dabrye, DJ Signify, Ghislain Poirier, Blockhead, Dj P-Love, Plaid, Luke Vibert, Chris Clark, Themselves, Subtle, Zion I, Alias & Tarsier, Clue to Kalo, DJ Vadim, Jel, Why, Hood, Run Return, Cloud Nine Music, Elliot Lip , Subtitle, E*rock, Copy, Legacy, Strength, Spleenless, Sleepyhead, Brokaw, Shambles, A.E.D, Belly-B, Quiet Countries, Talkdemonic, Modernstate, Prime Meridian, Wilding, DJ Beyonda, Alan Singley, Pt. Juncture, WA, Dat'r, Break Character, Long Hallways, The Forth, LASERHAWK






Portland Mercury

DJ TAN'T, LONG HALLWAYS, QUIET COUNTRIES (East End, 203 SE Grand) For his new record, Paul Lynch—also known as DJ Tan't—plundered Led Zeppelin's drum tracks from the 1978 sessions for their In through the Out Door album, recorded at ABBA's (at the time) brand-new, state-of-the-art Polar Studios in Stockholm. John Bonham's undeniable beats form the backbone of DJ Tan't's The Bonham Diaries, an eight-song concept album with Lynch overlaying synthesizers on top of the drum tracks via Ableton. It's true that Bonham's drumming casts an immense shadow—"Fool in the Rain" might be one of the few songs in recorded history that anyone on the street can recognize by its drum track alone—but Lynch has created something interesting and heavy, much more than a curio for Zeppelin fanatics. Tonight Lynch plays with drummer Will Hattman, who takes over the drum throne from the late Bonham to provide in-the-flesh backbeats for The Bonham Diaries' live rendition.


Portland Mercury

DJ Tan't took some of John Bonham's isolated drum tracks from Led Zeppelin's In through the Out Door sessions—done in ABBA's Polar Studios in 1978—and added his own original synth melodies on top. The result is The Bonham Diaries, which Tan't releases it digitally as a free download tomorrow. Take a listen to the album opener, "Day One," which repurposes the very familiar drumbeat from "Fool in the Rain." The result sounds very little like Zeppelin, an admirable feat considering how dominant Bonham's drum style is.


DJ Verb, Ground Lift Magazine

DJ Tan't's label is called Dismal City, which I can only imagine is a reference to his hometown. I was in Portland once, and I thought it was utterly delightful. It was sunny for me that day, but I can picture things being pretty dreary if it was rainy and overcast. Seemingly a tribute to his dismal city, Notes of Abrasion is a fine collection of moody, instrumental beats that aren't afraid to break from the abstract hip-hop formula. In other words, he's influenced as much by Prefuse 73 as DJ Shadow, who is the obvious reference point. The album-opening "On the Gallows" features raps by Sleepyhead, but after that the beats are refreshingly rap-free. Surging downbeat leviathans like "Lollipop" are largely the order of the day, but they are pleasant interspersed with more imaginative, upbeat affairs like the unpredictable, Daedelus-esque "Daughter of Wolves" and the excellent "Concerto Red," which pairs percussive, experimental piano loops with grimy breakbeats. "Mercury Breeze" is another nice surprise, with its slow, dubbed-out groove that somehow morphs into a rolling breakbeat burner complete with old Casio drum sounds. Other highlights include the epic, atmospheric "Jasmine in Blue" and the somber, near-beatless "Tom the Waiter." Anyone can make beats, but it takes an artist to flip sounds into something fresh and adventurous. Tan't has got the skills and the ideas; hopefully he'll be getting some much-deserved shine on his dismal city once word gets out about this joint.


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